Victoria BC – YYJ

Welcome to the Teem YYJ prototype website for the people, communities and islands across the greater Victoria area. It’s a made-by-Victorians experiment to assemble and share local information in innovative ways that are better for community members and the planet.

If you live or travel to Victoria, chances are that you recognize YYJ as a short code that is often associated with the greater Victoria area. Originally used as an airport code, it is used here as a known identifier for the greater Victoria area. Roughly speaking, this encompasses all the municipalities, electoral areas and Gulf Islands that are within the Capital Regional District. The references to area goes beyond land area to include the people, air and other elements of the local environment.

This local experiment and site is barely off the ground. But there are a few pages that should give you an idea of the direction the site is moving towards. And there are links to the Teem Earth prototype platform it is part of. The Teem YYJ site is a local experiment within a global experiment.

If you’re curious what it’s about, start checking out the links. Return from time to time to see how the site and platform are developing. And at any time, should you want to pitch in and help the project in some way, check out the Teem YYJ project page.